Boothless Projector Lifts

Increasing Demand Of Space and decreasing size of theatre screens had made us to innovate and create space. As a result we made a revolutionary booth less projector lift for keeping cinema projector in false ceiling and can be bring down easily for maintenance. It will help in very easy installation and maintenance of Projector.

Our Booth Less projector lifts are fully customized and can be accommodated as less as 0.5 mtr space also.

It is being backed up by heavy duty Tubular motors and MS Powder coated laser cut highly précised material. It has electrical and mechanical locks which ensures full safety of projector loaded in it.

  • We have done more than 80 Screens in more than 15 cities of India and already around 100 screens in pipeline and soon will be executed.
  • We give Ceiling based suspending solution which makes our lift to be installed even in center, above last row as well as in some cases behind last row wall also.
  • We can customize lifts for any height available

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INOX Insignia, Epicuria, Nehru Place, Delhi