The Best Quality Indian-made Lift

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The Best Quality Indian-made Lift

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Only company in asia to make boothless projector lifts

Boothless Projector lift

Easy access

The AxisY offers full 300′ access to projection equipment. Service technicians no longer need to work in tight spaces.

Automated controls

Techs can now lower lift platform and have full access to projection equipment, with only a key and the push of a button!

Simple implementation

Lift, booth, and accessories are packaged into a universal kit for easy implementation, specially in delayed projects!

Beautiful design

Seamless integration with auditorium, encourages owners to maintain the luxurious world-class look of modern cinemas!

Safe, reliable, and functional

Engineered for high safety rating, precise travel tolerances, and platform stability by experts in mechanical lifting equipment.

Projection booth kit

In-field adjustable kit offers adequate environment for projection equipment, ventilation, docking exhaust, and seals.

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