Custom Design

Step 1

Tell us what you need

The best place to start is to call our office and speak with one of our sales team. They’ll ask some of the following questions which may be unique to your situation:

  • What will the custom product be used for? (ie. goals of the project)
  • Where does it need to be installed? (ie. ceiling, floor, wall, cabinet)
  • What items will be mounted to the custom product? (e.g. TV make and model)
  • Are there any restrictions with the installation environment? (ie. limited ceiling space)

The sales team will request your contact information so they can get in touch after your requirements have been discussed with the design team.

Step 2

Quote of requirements

Our team reviews our library for similar custom designed solutions and compares them with the features and functionality you request. The design team discusses the most effective and reliable way to engineer and build your solution, taking into account all of the requirements unique to your situation, and similar projects we’ve done in the past. 2D diagrams and 3D models are produced by the design team, with costs for manufacturing, parts and labour used to generate a quote for your project.

Step 3

Approval of quote

Once the customer has reviewed the quote they may opt to proceed with the job, postpone it or cancel. When the job is approved by the customer, any deposit mentioned on the quote will need to be paid. Upon receipt of payment, the job enters the production queue and the design team reviews the goals of the project, and refines the design if needed. Any changes to the design are sent to the customer for final approval.

Step 4

Design, manufacture and testing

After approval, the parts for the job are manufactured and assembled, with exterior portions being powdercoated in the finish of your choice. If your product is motorised, each motor will be configured for the kind of motion your job requires, with motion limits set in the factory. Once assembly is complete, it is tested to comply with operational and safety requirements by the production team.

Step 5

Payment and dispatch

The customer is contacted once the job is ready for dispatch. Once payment is complete, products are packed to ensure damage does not occur during transit, and shipped to the delivery address provided by the customer. For large products, customers will need to have staff on site when the product is delivered, to move the product into the premises. AxisY will notify customers in advance if this is required.